Effective project management is important for every leader. If you want to inspire your team, you need to know how to take charge in the most efficient way possible. This often means developing and cultivating your project management skills over time so you can continue to keep your team motivated.

While there are many important skills that go into being an effective project manager, some of the key skills you absolutely cannot ignore if you want to be successful include these four skills.


Project managers need to make sure everyone is on the same page about their role in the project and need to ensure everyone has the same objectives moving forward to make the project a success. Being able to communicate is key to achieving project milestones and keeping everyone motivated. A really strong communicator will be able to relate to the different personalities of the team and know the most effective way to successfully communicate.


There’s a lot of different balls to juggle when a project is going on, and it’s the job of a project manager to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Having strong organizational skills and developing organizational tools that others on the project can use will help you ensure that you’re maximizing efficiency. Everyone will develop their own systems, but there are common principles (spreadsheets, software) that provide a great base to make sure the basic tasks don’t get lost in the shuffle.


Many projects have lots of moving pieces, and it’s up to you to make sure priority tasks are being completed and tasks are being done in the proper order. You need to be able to both prioritize tasks and help others on your team to manage their time wisely. An email in the inbox doesn’t mean it’s the top priority. Using your skills in this area helps your team focus on the most important tasks at the time and will keep the project on its timeline.


In most cases, projects change as they develop. You need to be ready to respond to challenges, overcome obstacles, adapt to feedback and make sure that everything still stays on track. Being adaptable and finding ways to change course when necessary is key to ensuring that a great finished product is produced. Many clients will say they know what they want in the beginning of the project, but until they see actual concepts and designs, they may not know exactly what they want produced.

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