Getting a promotion is always exciting because you have a chance to advance at work and spread your wings. While moving up professionally is often its own reward, some people expect that a promotion will also come with a pay raise. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

If you have been approached about a promotion and more money is not put on the table as part of the offer, you likely will decide to broach the subject of a pay increase. If you do, here are a few tips to ensure the conversation goes smoothly:

Discuss the employment responsibilities.

Find out what your new tasks will entail and how your workload will change. What tasks will you be adding? What tasks will you be keeping? What tasks will be passed along or will you now oversee? This will help you make an accurate assessment of what a reasonable salary bump would be.

Express excitement about the job, and ask about the new salary and structure.

You want to make sure your employer knows you’re excited about the promotion – and you want to make clear you expect a boost in your salary to compensate for your new responsibilities. You can state you’re looking forward to taking on new tasks; however, ask about the pay rate and make sure your boss gives you an answer before you accept.

Point out that a new hire wouldn’t have to prove themselves before being paid a fair salary.

If your employer expects you to take on new responsibilities, this is a sign they feel you’re up to the task. You shouldn’t have to take on the new role before getting a pay raise, as new hires brought into the company would be paid a fair salary right away.

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