Many people find themselves feeling shy, which can impact their ability to socialize and make a strong impression on others. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being shy or introverted, and some of the smartest people in the world are reluctant to start conversations with strangers or dominate the conversation in groups.

However, if you are shy, you want to make sure you aren’t letting that shyness hold you back from a leadership position at work. You can be a great manager and company leader, even with your shyness, if you just follow a few simple tips to create a plan that works for you. Some of those tips include:

Harness your energy at times when you’re outgoing.

If you’re having a particularly good day where you feel more confident in yourself, take time to reach out to others and make the connections you’ve been putting off. You should also make sure to focus on being outgoing at times when it matters most. If you find it stressful to make small talk all day, carve out time to be alone before a big meeting so you can go in calm, relaxed and ready to make a connection.

Look for a mentor or role model to help with your development.

Having a trusted confidant to rely on can help you feel more confident and less shy when managing your team since you’ll have someone to turn to for affirmation and advice. Ideally, try to find a mentor who is also shy, so you can learn coping skills for dealing with shyness while being an effective leader.

Focus on setting yourself up for success.

If you know you do better in specific circumstances, such as one-on-ones, try to set up as many individual meets you can, so you can operate primarily within space you feel comfortable.

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