Career fairs provide the chance to connect with many employers at once, but unfortunately many people don’t end up building their professional network or finding a job because of a career fair. A big part of the reason so many people are unsuccessful at landing work based on contacts made at a career fair is that many attendees aren’t prepared, or have misconceptions about what to expect.

If you want to ensure a career fair is as successful as possible for you, you’ll need a shift in mindset to better understand what to expect and how to stand out from the crowd. A few key tips you can implement to try to make going to a career fair more pleasant for you include the following.

Dress for Success

When you attend a career fair, you make a first impression on companies that could potentially hire you. You want it to be a good one. This means you should be dressed appropriately in business attire rather than wearing casual clothing. You don’t want to go overboard and overdress, but just make certain you are office appropriate and your clothes are tidy and well-kept.  Dressing in an appropriate professional way shows you’ve made the effort and you would be an acceptable representative of an organization.

Be Prepared to Sell Yourself

You’ll likely be competing with many other career fair attendees, and you want to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Companies aren’t there to look for reasons to hire you – it’s up to you to sell yourself and convince the organization why you would be an asset.

Come Prepared With Documents

When you attend a career fair, you want to make it as easy as possible for companies to learn about you. Come prepared with a resume, business cards, and other professional information you can showcase to make it easy for hiring companies to see what you’ve accomplished, and contact you if they think you’d be a good hire.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Westchester

While career fairs can provide the chance to learn of job opportunities, this type of environment is no match for the personalized help that a professional recruiter can provide. Vanguard Staffing has a lengthy history of helping qualified candidates find work, and our Westchester staffing services can assist you in taking your job search to the next level. To find out more about the help we offer, give us a call today.