Advancing in your career could lead to more satisfaction with your professional life and a higher income. In order to be able to advance, however, you need to take initiative. Often, this means finding ways to learn new skills, so you can get promoted at your current position or find an exciting new opportunity.

If you want to boost your chances of doing better with your career this year, here are a few places you can turn for help in developing your talents.

LinkedIn Learning

This career-based social networking website actually has its own learning platform. You can make use of it to find out the keys to success from professionals in business, creative professions, or the technology industry. There are full courses you can take, and videos you can watch to learn new things.

New Skills Academy

This online-only course provider has more than 200 different classes you can take to learn a wide array of new things. You’ll enhance your resume while becoming more-well rounded and developing your talents.


OpenLearn is a free educational resource that is an initiative of the Open University. You can find courses that cover eight different topics, and do everything from develop skills in money and finance to learning new languages.


Udemy is a global marketplace aimed at helping to develop professional skills. There are courses in personal development, software and other IT subjects, productivity, design and more. You can watch a series of videos for each course that you take, and once you have invested in a course, you can work through it at your own pace so you truly have the time to absorb everything you want to learn.

This is a LinkedIn Initiative which makes more than 6,200 courses available across a wide array of subjects, including technology and businesses. Courses include videos from some of the world’s foremost experts in the subject matter the course is focused around. You can also get help choosing your coursework by using Learning Paths, which is a specific curated set of videos designed to help enhance particular career skills.

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