Project managers have an important role to play by aligning staff members in diverse parts of the organization to fulfill shared common goals. Project managers will need to take a leadership role from setting objectives until project completion, ensure effective communication, and ensure they are uniting the team in accomplishing their disparate tasks in such a way that the project comes together on time and exceeds expectations.

To be effective in their work, project managers need to monitor different trends and developments that allow them to do their jobs as effectively as possible. Some of the key ways project managers can ensure they’re aligning the entire company from project to objectives include the following.

Implementing the Right Model

The right approach to project management can make all the difference. For example, studies have found 38 percent more projects are able to meet original goals and business interactions in an enterprise project management office. Further, in an enterprise project management office, 33 percent fewer projects fail. An effective project manager will implement the appropriate system for each project and organization to align the company on achieving shared objectives.

Focusing on the Big Picture

When project managers operate at the department or project level and take a bottom-up approach, often strategic alignment is lacking. When project managers function at the enterprise level and assume broader responsibility for ensuring each department is aligned with a shared sense of purpose, better outcomes can be achieved. Project managers are also better able to communicate to leadership when they have an overall understanding of the big picture, thus enabling more timely and effective decision making.

Making Effective Use of Analytics

Project managers need to ensure they’re making effective use of key tools to pinpoint trends in projects, identify risks, and plan for different scenarios. Project managers also need to create and monitor key performance indicators to ensure projects are on track and to gain the necessary insight to improve the ways in which future projects are executed.

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