It is imperative companies make a positive impression on the public. Whether that’s people the company hopes to employ or customers the company hopes to sell to, organizations want all potential stakeholders to have a favorable view of their organization – and companies are often willing to pay generously for professionals who can help them develop a positive brand identity.

There are different techniques companies use in order to establish their identities and to ensure they are thought of in a desired way. Creative professionals need to be able to show they can employ them all.  These techniques can include marketing, branding and advertising. While these three terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there are actually important differences between marketing, branding and advertising.

As a marketing professional, you need to understand the differences and be ready to highlight your expertise in each. Here’s how you can conceptualize the differences, either for your own purposes or when explaining to an employer what you can do.

Marketing is the image the company wants to present to others.

When a company produces marketing materials, that marketing paints the company in its best light. It tells the world how the company wants to be seen. For example, a company could focus its marketing on showcasing the fact that its products are reliable, if the company wants people to primarily see them as a product or service provider that can be trusted.

Advertising is the actions that the company takes.

Advertising goes beyond marketing towards all of the actions the company takes. The way in which a company actually performs is a part of its advertising, as good reviews and good word-of-mouth will go a long way towards determining how an organization is viewed.

Branding is the way others actually see the organization.

A marketing strategy can help shape a company’s branding, but ultimately a company’s brand identity will be based upon many factors, including the reputation it develops.

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