Landing a promotion can help you advance in your career, so you can develop as a professional, increase your income and open the door to new opportunities. However, if you hope to land a promotion, you need to be prepared and ready to show your manager exactly why you deserve one.

When you’re attending a meeting with your boss to discuss the possibility of a promotion, there are a few key things you should do in order to be prepared to the meeting. For example:

You should come to the meeting with details of how you made an impact on the company

Employers want to promote people who add real value to an organization. This means showcasing how and why you’ve been a great addition to the team. Demonstrate the ways in which you’ve gone above and beyond your basic job description to add to the company’s success.

You should know the market value of your position

Employers will promote you and give you more money only if one of three things is true: you’re producing more value in your role than you’re being compensated for; you’re taking on more responsibilities outside of your core job function; or you’re valuable enough to your organization that it would be difficult for them to replace you. It’s important to have concrete examples that show how you add more value to the organization than you’re currently being compensated for, so you can present a convincing case for why your salary should rise.

Make sure to ask the right questions

If your boss has objections or concerns about giving you a raise or promotion, be sure to ask questions that will give you a path towards getting that promotion. For example, you could ask what specific things need to happen in order for a raise to be merited at your next performance review or ask what circumstances would prompt the employer to give you the raise or promotion you’re asking about.

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