Most people do not want to just make a living – they want a career that is meaningful. Of course, not everyone’s job inherently makes a great, profound impact on the world … but every job is important and every worker can be made to feel valuable by the right manager.

It is the job of a manager to help team members find meaning in their work, and it is important to keep staff members motivated, to enhance performance and to reduce turnover. Some of the key ways that managers can accomplish the goal of helping staff feel their work is meaningful include the following:

Managers should ask real questions

It is important for managers to have an open dialogue with staff members and to really listen to the answers employees provide about the work they’re doing or their goals and objectives as employees. If managers ask real questions and get specific answers, they can help workers get a deeper understanding of their role within the organization and they can work collaboratively with workers to develop new solutions to issues at work that are holding employees back.

Managers should provide continual feedback

Workers who are given regular and specific feedback have a greater sense that their work is really being seen. When they know their manager is noticing their efforts and the contributions they have made, this makes them feel their job has meaning and is helping to advance the company’s interests.

Managers should give employees autonomy

Workers who are micromanaged won’t have the opportunity to stretch their wings and find new ways to excel. Without the ability to find their own solutions to problems and find new ways to contribute to their organization, workers are less likely to feel they have control over their own careers.

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