If you are working as a developer, there are different tracks your career can take. If you want to ensure you advance in a way you’d prefer and you’re given the opportunities you are most interested in, you must be able to communicate clearly with your manager about your career objectives.

While it can seem daunting to have a conversation with your manager about how you’d like your career to progress, answering these questions for yourself will help you identify your goals and give you a clear idea of the types of opportunities you’d like to discuss with your manager and pursue within your organization:

Do you want to be a leader or work in a specialized or technical role?

Some developers prefer to advance and lead a team while others would prefer to continue working independently and develop their technical skills instead. You should think about which role would make you happiest and which role you are best suited to. Based on whether you want to develop your tech knowledge or your leadership skills, you can talk with your manager about training opportunities or new projects you can take on, and you can look for different promotions within your organization.

Do you want to own your own company?

If your goal is to own your own company, make sure you try to gain as much diversified knowledge as you can while working for an organization. Talk with your manager about working within different departments, undergoing leadership training, and observing the roles that others on the staff play, so you can understand what it takes to run an entire organization.

Do you want to stay within your same job?

Many people are happy with the work they are doing and don’t necessarily want to advance into a different position. If this is the case, talk with your manager about how you can add the most value to your organization within the role that you are currently in.

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