The technology making artificial intelligence possible has advanced dramatically in recent years, and there are many examples of how AI is used to enhance people’s everyday lives. This is true both in the personal and professional worlds.

If you are an accounting professional, it is important to understand how AI is impacting the accounting profession. You can show potential employers you’ve been keeping up on industry trends and take steps to enhance your professional success by incorporating AI in appropriate situations.  Some of the different ways AI is affecting accounting include the following.

AI Can Make Data Available Faster

By using AI to process information in real-time, companies can make necessary adjustments to streamline operations. Companies can make the choice to cut back on expenses if they discover they’ll need more free cashflow, or can adjust staffing levels to better meet customer needs.

AI Can Help Companies Pinpoint Problems

Daily automated analysis can help companies quickly identify troubling trends that could point to problems. For example, an automated analysis performed on a daily basis could make it apparent to an employer that a staff member is stealing, so the employer could take swift action to identify and stop the thief.

AI Can Reduce Human Error

The more data entry and data analysis that happens automatically, the less risk there is of something going wrong. For example, if businesses manually record transactions, a number could easily be transposed and all subsequent calculations could be based off incorrect information. If transactions transfer automatically to the ledgers necessary for calculations to take place, and if at least some of those calculations occur using AI, there is a significantly reduced chance of mistakes being made in the process.

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