If you are an accountant, it’s common for clients and hiring managers and even your current employer to focus only on your numerical skills. The reality is, however, if you want to advance your career you will need to show you can go beyond just numbers. You need to show you can take on a leadership role.

Some of the different ways you can highlight your leadership skills include the following.

Demonstrating Your Strategic Decision-Making Skills

Whether you are interviewing or are already employed, you want to showcase how you can use strategic decision-making to enhance a company or clients’ objectives. You can do this by looking at problems from all angles and making creative out-of-the-box suggestions. You should also carefully consider the goals of the company or client so you can find a solution that advances their long- and short-term objectives.

Acting Ethically at all Times

Good leaders have uncompromising ethics. You want to show you can absolutely be trusted to be responsible in all situations and can be trusted to never cut corners or engage in behavior that could damage a company’s reputation or prospects. Remember to be ethical, even when you think no one is watching, as these are the times ethics matter most.

Showing a Business and Tactical Sense

Leaders understand how accounting fits in with the organization as a whole, and they are able to use their accounting knowledge to advance overall business interests. Learn how different departments work and identify ways your skills and abilities could help these departments enhance their output or serve the organization more effectively. Develop an understanding of what each department does within the organization and work on developing a broad understanding of the entire company’s operations.

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