Company culture can make a huge difference in whether you are happy at work and whether you like your job or not. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine in advance whether a company has a positive or negative culture, as most organizations try to portray themselves as positive and productive places to work during the interview process.

The good news is, there are signs you can look for and techniques you can use in order to identify a bad company culture before coming aboard. Below are four different things to watch for.

Body Language

Pay attention to how the hiring manager and others at the company communicate nonverbally when talking to you. Are they leaning forward and excited to have a conversation about the company and its culture, or do they have a closed-off and guarded look about them? Are people walking around the office with their heads held high and a casual, comfortable walk or do they look tense and harried, with hunched-up shoulders and a head down, not making eye contact? All of these nonverbal cues can help you understand what the organization is like and whether the company is trying to hide anything from you.

Tone of Voice

Do people at work seem excited when they talk about the company or do they seem frustrated, disinterested or bored? When people love their job, you can tell in the way that they talk about the work they do, the people they work with, and the organization itself.

Asking About a Company’s Core Values

A company with a positive company culture will reflect that culture in their core values. Pay attention to what the focus of the core values is – is the company solely motivated by profit or does it focus on people and its position within society?

Considering Whether the Organization Is on Guard

Are people at the company willing to talk openly and give you information, or do they clam up and provide minimal details when you ask questions? You want people to be open and willing to chat, and you don’t want to get the sense they have something to hide.

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