When you’re applying for accounting jobs, a great resume can make all the difference when it comes to landing an interview and ultimately getting hired.

Unfortunately, far too many job seekers end up making the mistake of sending out generic resumes instead of creating multiple documents that are tailored to each position.

Having multiple resumes you can customize to the company you’re applying with can have big benefits for you by helping you capture the attention of hiring managers and come across as the most qualified candidate.

There are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to have multiple resumes including the following:

You can apply for different jobs within the same industry.

Not all accounting jobs are created equal, and some positions focused on specific types of accounting work require different skills than others. A generic resume doesn’t allow you to show the full array of versatile talents you have because the resume would be too overwhelming. A generic resume could also contain irrelevant information, which makes it easy for hiring managers to overlook things. But, customized resumes let you concentrate on the skills you’re most likely to need in a particular position you’re applying for.

You can apply for telecommuting jobs or local positions.

More and more companies are looking for remote workers to handle their accounting needs – but not everyone is equipped for remote work. If you have a history of working independently and remaining motivated, highlighting this on a resume for a telecommuting position would make sense – but featuring this skill when looking for in-office work wouldn’t be as useful.

You can customize your resume to each position.

The final major benefit is that you’ll have several templates you can start with before fully customizing your resume. You can select which resume type is best for the particular job so hiring managers will quickly see why you’re the ideal candidate.

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