Let’s write the next chapter together.

You may have worked with admin staffing, creative graphic design staffing or accounting and finance staffing agencies before, but you’ve never experienced the Vanguard difference. We’re as committed to your success as our own, and it shows in the relationships we’ve built and the clients we have partnered with.

Here are a few of their stories, in their words:

I have worked with Vanguard for the past three years. They have helped me source some, if not all of the most important initiatives that my company has been involved with over that time. Because of that I have considered them a key and invaluable partner. The talent that they provided made the difference and helped us deliver products that exceeded our clients’ expectations.
– Bill, VP – Art Group Supervisor
Vanguard has provided us with a variety of administrative, social media and graphics folks over the years. The team is personally great to deal with and honest as the day is long, and they hire people in that mold. The people Vanguard has sent us have all been exceptionally talented and pleasant to work with. Whenever we need additional staff of whatever stripe, Vanguard is the first place I turn to. A wonderful agency and a tremendous resource!
– Marge, Executive VP of Operations
Vanguard has been our primary provider of temporary and contracted personnel for about ten years. They have provided a reliable and high-quality service providing flexibility and creativity as needed. They keeps themselves always available for personal consultation as needed and are quick to resolve problems. In addition to being nice people they are an invaluable business partner.
– Dennis, VP Human Resources
Thank you for bringing us this wonderful talent! We’re looking forward to working with you the next time we need a temp (Veronica has set the bar pretty high).
– Marisa, Brand Marketing Manager
Thanks very much for your assistance in our request!  The support was great.  The two (2) temps were very professional and responsive to the urgent needs we were presented with.  Highly recommend each for their timeliness and immediate attention to the overwhelming project we were faced with.
– Beatrice, HR Director

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