Let’s write the next chapter together.

The recruiters at Vanguard Staffing have years of experience working with professionals in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. From accounting and finance jobs, to office clerical jobs, to creative graphic design jobs, we have the experience necessary to match top talent with rewarding careers. You’ll work with someone who understands what you do and understands your challenges. The result? Consistent, remarkable success.

Here are just a few of those success stories:

I’ve worked with my share of talent agencies, and I accept them as a necessary part of the staffing/hiring process. Some of these relationships are short term, and as an employee, you get the feeling that some agencies exist just to throw a bunch of people at a client. That’s the total opposite of my time with Vanguard. First, they value me and my skill set. Second, they always took the time to chat with me about job possibilities and gave me the feeling that good relations with personnel was one of their main concerns. Third, they’re smart enough to ask about trends particular to my industry (and not act like the master of every possible job opening in the tri-state area). Yes, I like Vanguard — and I’ve recommended them to people I know, and will continue to do so in the future.

– Matt, Digital Project Manager

Vanguard helped hook me up with a great consulting gig that lasted for several months just when I needed it. Aside from being a stellar agency all around, I found them particularly forthright, generous with their time and very professional. Working with Vanguard was a real pleasure.

– Fi, Accounting/Finance Professional

Vanguard is a great agency. They’ve always been able to balance professionalism with humor and a straight-forward approach. They’ve been very supportive of my year plus stay at the digital media agency where I’m working. They look out for me as an asset to the company, which helps me to focus on producing positive results.

– Blake, Motion Graphics Designer

I originally met and registered with Denice at Vanguard Graphics Staffing in the late nineties, she and her staff have kept me as regularly employed as possible, sometimes even resulting in long-term assignments that turn into offers and on-staff positions. Very easy to work with and understanding of family obligations.

They also always process my time sheets and payments quickly.

– Chuck

You guys ROCK!!  Thank you.

– Sarah, Proposal Producer

Whether you’re looking for accounting and finance jobs, creative graphic design jobs, or administrative and clerical jobs, we can help you reach your goals. Contact us today to find your next great career.