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We're known by the companies we keep and the lives we change

Diverse talents unified by strong professional relationships.

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Leader for Over Half A Century


We Are Here For You.  Any Day. Any Time.  Every Time

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Expertise, Dedication, and Continuity You Can Rely On

FULL Service

All facets of staffing across the U.S.

Whether you are seeking a new employee or a new career opportunity, let our dedication, experience, and innovative contingent staffing solutions work for you.

Staffing Reimagined   |   Dynamic Solutions for Every Need


With Vanguard, You Come First

In a constantly changing workplace, one thing remains the same:
Vanguard’s unwavering devotion to fulfilling the needs of our clients.
Success Stories


Vanguard is a great agency. They’ve always been able to balance professionalism with humor and a straight-forward approach. They’ve been very supportive of my year plus stay at the digital media agency where I’m working.

– Blake, Motion Graphics Designer

Aside from being a stellar agency all around, I found them particularly forthright, generous with their time and very professional.

– Fi, Accounting/Finance Professional

First, they value me and my skill set. Second, they always took the time to chat with me about job possibilities and gave me the feeling that good relations with personnel was one of their main concerns.

- Matt, Digital Project Manager

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