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Contact us today and experience the Vanguard difference.

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Phone: 203-655-8787
Fax: 203-655-8113

Vanguard Creative Staffing. A great way to get creative.

Vanguard Creative Staffing connects talented creative and marketing professionals with employers.

Why Are We Different?

Our team all have backgrounds in creative and marketing. We know how important it is to place talent in an environment where they can thrive. We speak your language and are here to help you succeed.

The constant advancements in technology create ongoing changes to the creative and business world. It’s important that you align yourself with professionals who understand your skills and can help you evolve to transition your career and meet your goals.


Our clients benefit from our extensive industry knowledge and seamless team integration to solve any staffing challenges.


Vanguard Creative Staffing is a great way to get creative.  Reach out to us today.

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