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Tap Into Our Talent Pool


At Vanguard, we have successfully filled virtually every job request we have ever received. And we provide ongoing service and support, enabling you to:

  • Find the best candidates

  • Adapt to changing business demands

  • Access specialized skill sets

  • Quickly fill critical positions

  • Spend more time focusing on your core business


When you place a request with Vanguard, know that a seasoned team of staffing professionals is working hard on your request.


Vanguard’s history of matching qualified candidates with the

most prestigious companies has always been one of personalized and dedicated service. Partnering with Vanguard allows you to:

Job Seekers

  • Some of the many Creative & Marketing positions we staff:
    Graphic Designers Production Artists Illustrators Package Designers Art Directors Creative Directors Web/Interactive Designers eCommerce Marketing Specialists Front End Developers Presentation Specialists Video Production/Editing 3D Modelers Architects Copywriters Copy Editors Proofreaders Traffic Coordinators Studio/Production Managers Account Executives Marketing Assistants/Coordinators Public Relations Specialists Social Media Coordinators Social Media Managers Public Relations and Marketing Assistants Share with a friend


  • Access candidates with difficult to find skill sets

  • Accurately track time and attendance

  • Keep up with changes in the industry, legal issues, and the talent market

  • Take on projects of any size or complexity

  • Spend less time recruiting and more time getting things done

Our successful fill ratio and our strong relationships with our contingent staff and the companies we serve are something we are quite proud of.

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