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Two Stats That Help You Get Inside Track to the Creative Job You Want

Posted August 22nd, 2018

If you are looking for a creative job, many traditional methods of finding a position may not work for you. In fact, it is vital you know two key statistics about career opportunities within the creative industry, so you can make fully informed choices about how to find the position of your dreams.

Here are the two statistics you need to know when planning your job search:

80 percent of jobs are not posted online

While looking for a job online has become incredibly common in today’s digital world, you should be aware that restricting your search for a creative position to online job ads could mean missing out on huge opportunities. Most jobs never even make it to the phase where the position is posted online.

Referrals account for a third of all external hires

If you can’t find a job in the creative field by doing an online search, how can you find jobs you’d be a good fit for? The best way for many creative professionals is to tap into their professional network. Referrals are big in this industry and if you have worked with creative people in the past who can vouch for your talent, you are far more likely to be considered by an employer for an open position.

With knowledge of these key facts about finding a creative job in mind, you can avoid wasting a lot of time in fruitless efforts to find jobs at random companies on the internet where you do not have connections. Instead, you can be smart about the job search process by reaching out to Vanguard Staffing.

Work With a Top Creative Recruiter in NYC

Because our recruiters specialize in the creative industry, our staffing service has the connections you need to match you with top companies in your area, so you can find the perfect job that suits your skills. Give Vanguard Staffing a call today to learn how a top creative temp agency in NYC can help advance your career the creative industry easy by helping you to find the job of your dreams.



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